Rectangle Basket Bag
Rectangle Basket Bag

Rectangle Basket Bag

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A classic handbag style with a pretty woven bow fastening. Features a beautiful woven pattern, some bags feature the dark diamond whilst others do not - each and every bag is a little different making them one of a kind. Handmade in a small village in the East of Bali, each bag takes several weeks to complete using traditional crafts.

  • Includes a traditional Batik lining (which varies piece to piece).
  • Leather strap and woven closure
  • Approximate measurements: Length 9.05" x Height 5.9" x Depth 3.14"

Due to it's hand made nature, size and appearance may vary slightly. Each and every piece is unique. Some bags feature a subtle pattern on the sides but always a plain round surface. Process involves smoking over coconut husks in a traditional oven to add strength, giving a natural smoked scent that will disappear when aired.