Meet our Graphic Designer: Interview with Claudia Aguilar

We are so thankful for the creative community that has helped us every step of the way with Curate, even more so that we can call these amazingly talented people our friends. Claudia is one of these instrumental people in the story of Curate, she's the designer behind our logo and box design. We met back when we both were working at Paper Source. She was able to synthesize everything we were hoping to capture with the brand from words to imagery. We couldn't think of anyone else we would love working with more, from her design aesthetic to her fun-loving demeanor. Without further adieu, meet Claudia - designer, crafter, animal enthusiast and all around awesome Chicagoan! 

Tell us a little more about your background in design?

I grew up in a very creative household. My dad was a typesetter and fine artist and my mom had many crafty hobbies, so I learned pretty quickly that I enjoyed being creative as well. I received my BFA in Graphic Design from Columbia College Chicago with a minor in art history. After college I dabbled in many design areas and took on a lot of freelance projects. It helped me develop an eye for design across many platforms including graphic design, paper crafts and product design.

Can you update us on your current role?

I'm currently a crafter, maker and designer for Blitsy, a Chicago based arts and crafts e-commerce company. My main role is to produce creative content in the form of craft videos and projects that will teach and inspire our customers and followers every day!

Where do you gather your inspiration for project ideas? Any sources you are consistently looking to for trends?

Aside from internet sources such as Pinterest and design blogs, I love looking for inspiration when I’m out at ordinary, everyday places. Some of my favorites sources of inspiration are hardware, pet, toy and grocery stores. Anything, from a cool new children's toy, awesome food packaging or uniquely shaped hardware, can spark an idea! I also find that I am consistently inspired by the rich colors and patterns of my Mexican background. And nature is an amazing source of inspiration. Some of the most beautifully designed objects were created by Mother Nature.

How did you go about designing the Curate box pattern; what inspired the design?

The Curate splatter pattern is inspired by the fine art of painting. It's a timeless art, but the carefree technique makes it modern and fresh. It is a nice balance of classic and casual, which I feel is exactly what Curate is. It elevates the every day act of gift giving, into an art. Gifts are handpicked with experience and care but intended to be fun and enjoyable!

Tell us more about the logo - How did you narrow down to that design?

It was important that the Curate logo be sophisticated and classic without being stuffy. The type is elegant but still whimsical and fun. I wanted the name to be presented as a gift somehow, to reflect what Curate does and stands for. I experimented with different graphics, but ultimately felt that the organic lines and bow best communicated how Curate rounds up the finest gifts for you and "tops them with a bow" so to speak. The loose, delicate lines are casual and free, but the bow communicates handcrafted care. 

Favorite place to spend the weekends in Chicago?

As an art history buff, my favorite place in the whole city is the Art Institute. I've been there countless times but get splendidly lost in it's galleries every time I visit. In the summer I relish time at the beach and strolling through street festivals. And of course, nothing beats a good brunch at a new restaurant with amazing friends on the weekend!

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