Curate Guest Series: Interview with a New Mom

I'm so excited to introduce the launch of our guest series where we will be covering everything from favorite neighborhood spots to special interviews. Even though I'm not a mom, I recently became an aunt, and can definitely see how much your life changes once the little one enters the picture. I've been lucky enough to watch my sister enter into this new phase of motherhood and thought she would be the perfect person to interview for our new series. Highlights include some of her most cherished moments so far in raising her son to nursery essentials that rank at the top of her list.

What's the best thing about being a new mom so far?

Being able to experience endless love and joy on a daily basis. My son, Daniel, has the biggest heart and is such a joy-filled baby; it is so fun to live and experience life through him. Everything is new and exciting and with each little thing he does, he experiences so much happiness (with is definitely contagious).

Do you have a favorite memory of the last 4 months?

Everyday! But, if I had to choose, my favorite memory would definitely be meeting him for the first time. The powerful moment that my husband and I held Daniel in our arms, fully grasping that the son we had prayed over for months was finally here. We were so in awe of our wonderful Creator and so grateful He choose us to be his parents.
Another standout has been watching my husband become a dad and fully embrace that role. As well as, watching my whole family love and embrace our son from the minute he was born :) 

Most unexpected change transitioning from a couple to a family of 3?

Not being able to get things checked off your to-do list right away.  I tend to have a type A personality and love getting things done, but now my days are filled with a totally different schedule and routine. Accepting that I will eventually get to my list and learning to cherish and make new memories with Daniel is just as important and much more fulfilling.

Favorite, or one of the many, gifts you received?

My Bugaboo - it's so easy to carry and packs up really nicely. A special plus is that it works with our car seat too. 

Is there anything you wished you registered for?

Yes, a Gathre floor mat. My friend recently introduced me to this line and I have it on my wish list.  It's really hard to find cute splat mats and this company has done just that.

What's the best way to help a new mom?

It's hard for me to accept help so this question is a little tough for me to answer. However, the first couple weeks it was so nice for me when my family would come over and just hold Daniel so I could take a nap or run to the gym for a quick workout. I literally didn't want to put him down - I wanted him to always to be held so he could feel how much we loved him. It was wonderful when someone would relieve me for a bit so I could sneak away, run an errand and the like, all the while knowing he was in good hands.
I would also say that it was really special for my husband and I to spend a lot of alone time together with Daniel as a family of three for the first couple weeks. However, once my husband went back to work I've really appreciated having friends stop in for a quick chat or just to say hi - having the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom is wonderful but you definitely miss adult interaction and cherish any moment you get with friends and family.

What are your top 10 baby essentials/products you love?

  • Aden & Anais muslin swaddles and burp cloths - you can never have too many
  • Dr. Browns glass bottles
  • Blabla knit dolls - so soft and cuddly, Daniel has the elephant and absolutely loves him
  • 4moms pack and play - great for when we stay over with friends and family
  • Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair
  • Aden & Anais sleep sacks - great for keeping warm or tummy time
  • Mustela - I love all their products
  • Boon drying rack
  • Lots and lots of picture books - The Game of Light and all the TouchThinkLearn board books
  • Chewbeads - great for attaching on the stroller
Thanks Michelle and Daniel! Be sure to check out some of her favorites featured below - there's some great gift ideas if you're in the market for a baby gift (including some products we feature in our boxes here and here).

Sleeping Bag || Footie Pajamas || Chewbeads || Mobile || Swaddle || Floor Mat || High Chair

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