How to Tie the Pefect Bow || Curate Edition

Here at Curate we take presentation very seriously and that means our bows must be the perfect topper to your gift. So we thought it would be helpful to share our guide to creating the perfect bow masterpiece, after all, Christmas is right around the corner! We hope this tutorial comes in handy for your own packaging perfection.

STEP ONE: Cut the ribbon so that it fits around the whole box with plenty of extra length to create the bow. 

STEP TWO:  Loop one end under the other, creating a simple tie. Place your finger in the middle of the knot and hold it taught.

STEP THREE: Create a loop with one end of the ribbon and pull to the center, all the while still holding the center knot tight.

STEP FOUR: Move the loop to the right to pull the other end of the ribbon over, then pulling under the original loop to create the second loop.

STEP FIVE: Adjust the loops and ends by pulling on them gently.

STEP SIX: Fold the ends of your ribbon in half and cut down at an angle to create perfect edges.

Voilá, the perfect bow! 

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  • Love this step by step!!


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