Mother's Day Pop-Up Shop

We had such a blast in Kalamazoo a couple weeks ago and thought we needed to share some pictures of our time there. Thank you to the whole community for all your support, it's always such a pleasure to be back in my hometown. We loved seeing friends, meeting new ones and being able to chat with you all. Your encouragement and patronage make these events possible, successful and so inspiring. Also - a huge shoutout to Kelsey's Cakes for showcasing her amazing cookies and to all the people who helped in running the shop and behind the scenes {my sister, Marco, parents, all my siblings, etc}. You all are rock stars and continue to prove it takes a village to run this baby :)

Cheers to more events in the future and sending a huge hug to all our Kalamazoo friends. Thank you is not enough, xoxo!  

Kelsey's Cakes beautiful {not to mention, delicious} cookies on display above

Loved meeting new little faces too! 


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